Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Welcome, come on in. Put your feet up. Can I get you something?

Ah, the inaugural post. The grand introduction. Can you contain yourselves? Are you ready for the sheer audacity of my unpopular opinions?

What I have to say may only be unpopular if you disagree with me. I fully expect there to be people out there shaking their fists in anger. I also expect there will be just as many people punching the air in solidarity while they read along.

Or not. I don't know what kind of reader I'm going to attract. And to be honest (sorry dearest reader), I don't care. I'm writing this as much for myself as for anyone else. If you read this and feel a little less alone in the world, less like an outcast for holding such 'radical' opinions, that will make me happy. If you read this and feel like your position in the world is being challenged, good on ya. At least I've made you think.

Few things will be taboo here. Only intelligent conversation is welcome in the comments. Trolls and ignorami who cannot 'play nice' will be blocked without hesitation.

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