Thursday, 20 December 2012

Things We're Expected to Hate

I have a tiny little bone to pick, but when don't I?

I've become increasingly aware of Things that not only are We are Expected to Hate, but it's socially acceptable and you don't there might be something wrong with you. And it bugs me because some of those things are things that I like. And there's nothing wrong with me, thank you very much.

Example number one. Christmas music. The first thing that people do is roll their eyes and make faces and sounds like they hearing someone squeezing a goose. Because that's what everyone does. It's become 'cool' to hate Christmas music. And not just after we've been hearing it for a month and a half, people make this face immediately after it starts playing in stores and on radios.

Well. I like Christmas music, dammit. Even the religious stuff. So there. I don't mind it most years and if I don't want to hear it, well that's why portable music devices were invented. And if you find yourself too poor to have a portable music device to block it out, chances are you also aren't at the mall to hear it (unless your homeless and your at the mall to stay out of the elements, only in that case do I feel sympathise with your hatred of holiday tunes).

I had a spectacularly awful Christmas last year, mostly internally and for my very own deeply emotional reasons. I am so determined that this year is not going to be the same. I refuse to let that happen again, so I'm seeking out Christmas music on purpose because it makes me happy and above all else that's what I need this year.

The other thing people expect you to hate? Your job. Seriously, unless you're a doctor or some other kind of semi-famous, highly-paid professional you should probably hate your job. Everyone should have this dream of never working again because working is for chumps and a waste of time. I was talking to one of the directors at my office today, and he said that if it weren't for the fact the he loves his job so much he would have retired long ago.

It was so refreshing to hear someone say it. In some circles if you love your job then there must be something wrong with you. I don't hate my job. Sometimes I really don't love it, but I recognize it as important and it's a fulfilling part of my day. It also guarantees that I will have food in my kitchen and a roof over my head. I've been seeing someone who has unbridled enthusiasm for what he does, it slips out in regular conversation and only sometimes apologetically. I think it's fantastic (and an attractive quality to boot).

If you can't get even a little excited about what you do to generate funds to cover your basic needs, then you either need to work towards something that does or you shouldn't be doing it at all. If you can't find a little joy in something that you know makes other people happy, then maybe you need to reevaluate what makes you happy, if it's anything at all.

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